Friday, 13 May 2016

LifeStream Europe launches: international Christians living out the Kingdom of God

“There is such an increasing number of international Christians arriving in Europe, often bringing in a confident faith and a richness of gifting,” Francis Noordanus (Trinity Anglican Church Eindhoven) says. “We believe God is at work in these migrations, creating exciting new opportunities for mission in Europe. What we want to see, is international Christians engaging with this movement of the Spirit, living out the Kingdom of God within their international communities and witnessing to the life we have in Jesus Christ.”

This summer, LifeStream Europe (formerly known as New Wine in Europe) is launched.

This summer, LifeStream Europe is launched with an international all age summer festival on the border of Belgium and the Netherlands (August 11 – 16). For the past five years, this camp has taken place under the name of New Wine in Europe, bringing together English-speaking Christians from many denominational and cultural backgrounds. With the change of name into LifeStream Europe, a new season begins, Francis Noordanus explains. “Much stronger than before, we will be focusing on the unique opportunities for international churches on the European mainland for witnessing to the Kingdom of God. Our dynamics are so much different from local churches in our host countries, while at the same time our position within the international community creates exciting opportunities.”

Streams of living water
The name LifeStream Europe refers to the concept of “live streaming” – broadcasting on the internet, showing what you do realtime, Barbara Noordanus (All Saints Maastricht) explains. “As international Christians we are called to ‘stream’ the new life we have in Jesus, witnessing where we are.” The name also refers to John 7: 37 – 39, where Jesus promises the Holy Spirit to his followers: “God will be present in them through his Spirit, and streams of living water will flow from within them, to bring life and healing to the nations and all creation.”

Encourage, equip, empower
Besides the summer festival, LifeStream Europe offers training for prayer ministry and Spirit-filled worship, and seeks to connect international Christians and their churches. “We aim to encourage, equip and empower,” Kevin Bodsworth (St. Mark’s Church, Versailles) says. “Encourage, by sharing what we see God doing on the continent and discerning how we may engage with that; equip, by offering practical training; and empower by seeking the promised empowerment of the Spirit.”

Check the website: LifeStream Europe.

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