Feest van het Koninkrijk

Ronald Westerbeek
Buijten & Schipperheijn, 2016
What drives us as Christ's church in the world? This book explores the Lord's Prayer, in which Jesus teaches his followers to eagerly pray for the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth. Has it come, or is it still coming? How are we to be involved? How does in touch on issues such as social justice, environmental care, healing, deliverance, and hearing the voice of God?
This book offers the input for a six week project in your church, including small group materials, and daily devotions.

De hoogste prijs

Ronald and Nienke Westerbeek, illustrations Arjan Wilschut
Ark Media, 2008
An illustrated booklet for children (6+) for the Holy Week before Easter, containing daily devotions. The booklet closely follows from day to day the events between Jesus' entry in Jerusalem and his resurrection. For use in families, schools and churches.

40 dagen: Feest van genade

Aad Kamsteeg and Ronald Westerbeek
Buijten & Schipperheijn, 2006
How does God's grace radically transform your life? This work book for small groups contains materials (home study, group materials, youth materials) for a 40 Day Project in your church, celebrating God's grace in Jesus Christ.

Stromen van levend water. Werken met de gaven van de Geest in de gemeente

Ronald Westerbeek (ed.)
Buijten & Schipperheijn, 2005
A survey among Reformed pastors showed that many are eager to see the gifts of the Spirit bear more fruit in their churches, but they don't see how. This booklet contains the outcome of the survey, and also a series of articles on several gifts (such as words of prophesy or speaking in tongues), including interviews on how these gifts can practically function in the church, and Bible studies.

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